Boutique Films Studio

Great friends in life and successful photographers in the photography business, Simone e Gian Domenico have formed Studio Boutique Films,
a team of experts that represents the synthesis
of their human and professional experiences.


All the Studio’s works are completely supervised by Simone and Gian Domenico and every single production stage goes through their approval, from the early stages of development to the delivery of the film. Every single filmmaker brings an additional value to the Studio thanks to his or her own vision and sensibility making each of our works unique.

simone primo fotografo video matrimonio genova

A shared and spontaneous tendency leads the entire staff of the Studio to search for the same style and approach. This way we can guarantee an aesthetic and stylistic continuity in the creation of our movies.



Guys well done, you did an outstanding job! At the end we were both very emotional! Marco, who at the first wasn't too sure about the video, changed his mind, he said it touched his heart. I must say these will be great memories forever.

Lia & Tom

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Contact us: info@boutiquefilms.it

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Get to know each other

Whether it's a simple Skype or FaceTime video call or an in-person meeting, what excites us the most is getting to know your expectations and plans. Personal interactions and empathy are among the things we love most from both a human and a professional point of view, and we seek them out and capture them in our videos. Let's meet and get to know each other.

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"We want you to make our wedding film!
How should we proceed?"

It's very easy! We will send you our contract, an indispensable element to protect your expectations and guarantee our commitments; in fact, it is an important step to support our reliability and professionalism. At the same time, we require the payment of a deposit that will formalize our engagement and you can concentrate on planning your wedding.

Relive your emotions

The work is done! Your wedding was fantastic, and your memories are now in our hands, ready to be yours again, and forever. Our goal is to capture your emotions so that you can relive them, especially years later, when they will become even more precious.